Collection: Firmware Download

Before Download

Please make sure to watch the following tutorial video before downloading or upgrading any firmware. Using the wrong firmware might cause permanent damage to your 3D printers. Our files are named and listed as, for example, “BLU-3-Nano v1.2-4×2208 Firmware”, among which “BLU-3 ” refers to the model number of your 3D printers, “Nano V1.2” refers to the version of motherboard, and “4*2208 Firmware” refers to the model number of 4 drivers used in the printer. 

The following tutorial video would show you how to find out the motherboard version and model number of the drivers. In case the motherboard version or driver model number is not listed in our downloadable files, please contact our service team via for corresponding firmware. You might also download this file to get more configuration setting details for the Nano firmware.

To download right firmware for your machine, please click and visit Download page of TWO TREES official website.